Why did Shecky's omit Bohemian Hall from its recent list of NYC's Beer Gardens?

That’s what we’ve been wondering recently.  Check out Shecky’s description of ten Beer Gardens in the city.  Pub Crawl NYC regularly uses Shecky’s for its new bar listings and has no problems with any of the places Shecky’s mentioned as all ten are solid spots.  But, how can you omit Bohemian Hall in Astoria from such a list?  Bohemian Hall is the last of the original Beer Gardens in the city.  We’ve written about Bohemian Hall before it remains one of our favorite outdoor spots.  The only reason we can think of for the omission was that Shecky’s list was a Brooklyn-Manhattan only list.  Otherwise, there’s no explanation.  What are your thoughts?  Share them here.

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