A visit to Astoria's Bohemian Hall

Toward the end of an afternoon showing some out of town guests around Astoria, I (along with the guests) had the distinct pleasure of being the first patrons of the day at the century old Bohemian Hall.  I’ve been there numerous times, but never at the 3pm Friday opening.  It was quite a thrill to walk into the beergarden and be the only ones there (some pictures of the moment below)!

The Hall will be celebrating Octoberfest starting 10/1, running through 10/9.  Each day will mark beer tastings from American and Central European brewers.  More details here.

Over the past few years, there has been a proliferation of beergardens across the five boroughs.  Most of these new spots are just a pale version of the real thing — Bohemian Hall — the last of the original beergardens in New York City.

Bohemian Hall celebrated its centennial in 2010
The outdoor stage; below the American flag to the left is the Czech flag and to the right is the Slovak flag

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