A review of Brooklyn Crab in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Located at 24 Reed Street in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, Brooklyn Crab isn’t really a bar (though it has a sizeable bar area), but we had such a great experience there, we want to review it anyway.  In the good weather, Brooklyn Crab is a summertime, outdoor 3-level seafood restaurant/bar.  It’s really not something you expect to find in Red Hook.  Brooklyn Crab has several different sections, including two bars, two outdoor seating areas and a mini-golf course in back!  The beer selection is so-so, but let’s face it, you’re not coming here for the beer selection, you’re coming here to eat.  Do yourself a favor, when you’re done at Ikea/Fairway, get thee to Brooklyn Crab.  Heck, you don’t even need Ikea/Fairway as an excuse to visit Brooklyn Crab.  You can make it the only destination of your day.

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