A review of Manhattan's Rogue & Canon

Located at 128 West Houston Street (in the old XR Bar space), Rogue & Canon is a new gastropub for the West Houston Street corridor that serves as the border between Greenwich Village and Soho.  Sometimes when we go NYC bar crawling, we attempt to decide whether or not the visited spot “counts” as a bar (it’s an age old debate that will rage, seemingly, forever).  Well, we’re gonna count Rogue & Canon as a bar (and not a restaurant), but it’s just about as borderline as ever.  About half the space is taken up by tables with place settings (which makes the place lean toward “restaurant” distinction).  But, during our visit, we noticed that even the patrons seated at those tables were mostly drinking and not eating.  So, that’s what tipped this spot toward being a bar.  Overall, pleasant staff, eight quality tap beers.  Creative cocktails with fascinating names (‘Russian Firing Squad’ and ‘Midnight Train to Georgia’).  The food was definitely in that gastropub-like classification (we had the fish and chips).  Rogue & Canon is worth a visit next time you’re hanging out in Greenwich Village or Soho.

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