A visit to Hair of the Dog on Manhattan's Lower East Side

The folks behind Jake’s Dilemna, Down the Hatch et al are at it again.  This time, they’ve set up a location at Orchard & Stanton.  If you’ve been to their other locations (and there are many around Manhattan), this one is similar.  A sports bar (we counted 20 television monitors during our visit) offering numerous drink specials depending on the day the day of the week, Hair of the Dog is actually in a good location because the Lower East Side really doesn’t have a place like it.  There aren’t many sports bars south of Houston and not too many bars period that are open during the daylight hours in this nabe.  Like their other locations, Hair of the Dog opens at 11am daily and goes late into the night.  If you’re looking for something a little different next time you’re out in the LES, check out Hair of the Dog.

The main bar area


In the other room, two beer pong tables were set up

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