Pub Crawl NYC's brief thoughts on mixed drink prices in Midtown Manhattan

Pub Crawl NYC realizes it’s not news that mixed drinks at upscale Manhattan spots can now cost well over $10.  Still though, on a recent night out at Rooftop Lounge at Renaissance Hotel in Midtown, Pub Crawl NYC learned that a Grey Goose vodka and soda drink cost $14 (see picture of bill below).  Grey Goose is not a high end vodka, probably middle range.  Considering how much ice was in the glass (see second photo below, which was taken after the drink was finished), Pub Crawl NYC thinks that this borders on the ridiculous.  Yes, there are numerous cocktail bars that charge $14 or more for artisanal cocktails.  But this vodka-soda was definitely not one of those well-crafted cocktails.  And Pub Crawl NYC is not uniformly calling out Rooftop Lounge at Renaissance Hotel on their drink prices because there are numerous other Manhattan rooftop bars that charge similar prices.  But where does it stop?  It probably doesn’t.  As long as we, the consumers, are willing to patronize these places and pay these prices, the establishments will continue to charge what they can.

The bar tab after one round. Note the $14 charge for the "cocktail", which was a plain, old vodka-soda.
This cup shows how much ice remained after the vodka-soda was finished.

What are your thoughts on this?  Pub Crawl NYC wants to hear from you!

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