A recent night out on Manhattan's Upper East Side, part 2

Continuing on Pub Crawl NYC’s recent night out on the Upper East Side (see part 1 here), we finished our bar tour with the following three spots:

JBird Cocktails & Food

Located at 339 East 75th Street, this is the new location for the cocktail bar. Small bar area opens up into a larger dining area (shown above)


A nice corner location at 97th and Lexington Avenue. Bar and open kitchen on the right side and tables on the left. ABV serves wine and beer only.

 The Guthrie Inn

Guthrie Inn located at 1259 Park Avenue (between 97th and 98th) has the same owners as next door Earl's Beer & Cheese. The focus at the Guthrie Inn is cocktails. Cozy spot with a table for a small party of 4 - 6 in back.

What do you think of our Upper East Side bar crawl?  It hit several different types of spots.  Good times.  Share your thoughts on this pub crawl here.

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