's night out along Grand Street in East Williamsburg

It had been a while since I bar hopped along Grand Street in East Williamsburg.  The other night, I decided to visit a few recently opened spots.  This is where I went on my most recent NYC pub crawl.

Tuffet (286 Graham Avenue, btw Grand and Powers; across the street from Sweet Ups)

A chill, laid-back wine and beer bar with friendly staff, Tuffet serves small plates including various chacuterie and cheese plates (they have cheese curd!).  Six tap beers and about a dozen bottles.  The space feels comfortable with an eight-person bar on the left and four high top tables on the right.  In addition, there are small seating areas in front and back of the bar area and large windows looking out onto Graham Avenue.  Behind the main room, a small hallway leads past the bathroom into a semi-private room that can seat six at one communal table.  A medium-sized, partially covered backyard has numerous tables and chairs.  Appropriately, grape vines cover a portion of the back and side walls of the backyard.

The Drink (228 Manhattan Avenue, just south of Grand on east side of Manhattan Avenue)

Upon entering, I was struck by the homey feel to the space.  Paintings and a small bookshelf on the right wall.  An upright piano sits in the corner opposite the bar area.  Several medium-sized wooden tables with mismatched chairs fill the space in between the entrance and the 12-seat, L-shaped bar, which is in the back, left of the room.  A vintage, nautical theme rounds out the feel.  Beyond the main area, a dark hallway leads to a small, L-shaped backyard.  The bar serves some small plates, along with five tap beers, nearly 20 bottled beers and limited hard alcohol.

LP & Harmony (683 Grand Street, between Manhattan and Graham Avenues)

Not a hard place to miss, the bar has floor-to-ceiling windows facing Grand Street with the bar name and logo painted in the middle of the window.   Two pool tables take up most of the front section of the space.  Further back, the S-shaped bar sits at the back right and three circular high-top tables along with a jukebox reside opposite the bar.  One notable item was the crowd.  Most were not of the hipster/yuppie type that frequents most of the other drinking spots in this area of Williamsburg.  My conjecture is that most were native to the neighborhood.  The bar serves about a dozen bottled beers, no taps and a full liquor bar.

The West Café (379 Union Avenue at Hope Street, diagonally across the street from Barcade)

Café by day, bar by night, this place serves beer and wine only.  But, for a café, it had quite a beer selection!  17 taps in all, including four beers brewed in Brooklyn.  The bar is on the right and tables on left and in back that serve parties of two and four.  There is also a small outdoor area in the back that has three circular tables under umbrellas.  I happened to visit during a free wine tasting event that also included some bread, cheese and two styles of salami.

What are your comments on these places and my description?  Please share your thoughts!

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