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An interesting article I came across concerning the Circle Line pub crawl in London:

The pub crawl is a unique (and sometimes, painful) experience and in London, it doesn’t get more unique than the Circle Line Pub Crawl. I heard about the Circle Line Pub Crawl (CLPC) when I first arrived in London more than a year ago. The thought of it was absolutely insane. For the uninitiated, the Circle line (in yellow) is part of the London Underground network (or the tube). It runs in a ring around the city, and has 27 stations.

The idea is pretty simple, if a little insane. Start at a station on the Circle line, say Tower Hill, and find a place to have a drink. Get on the tube on the Circle Line and disembark at each station, find a pub to drink in, completing the circle and finishing in the pub you started in for your final drink, in less than 12 hours.

There are a few rules; you have to drink something at each pub. You don’t have to drink beer, and you don’t have to drink pints. But you do have to drink something with alcohol in it (defeats the purpose of the pub crawl if you drink coke or water). You have to find a place to drink, even if it’s an off license or a wine shop.

Going by strict pub crawling guidelines, and drinking a pint at every stop, you’ll be consuming 28 pints (about 16 litres) of the fermented stuff in less than 12 hours. That’s a lot by anyone’s standards. I have entertained the thought of giving it a go but I wasn’t able to find anyone mad enough to do it with me. Navigating London’s underground network while drunk isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do.

So, if you’re ever in London, and want a unique London experience that you will not get from any guidebook, try the Circle Line Pub Crawl. Just don’t blame me for it. 🙂

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That’s quite a pub crawl!  The New York City subway system does not have anything like a line similar to London’s Circle line.  But, using four different subway lines in Manhattan (including the Times Square-Grand Central shuttle line), you can have a ‘NYC Circle line’ pub crawl of sorts.  Start at 42nd and 8th Avenue and board the C/E train southbound stopping at Penn Station, 23rd and 14th street.  At 14th street, transfer to the L train and ride east, stopping at 6th Avenue and Union Square.  At Union square, transfer to the uptown 6 train and stop at 23rd, 28th, 33rd and Grand Central, where you complete the loop by riding the shuttle to Times Square.  In all, if you visited one drinking establishment per subway stop, this ‘NYC Circle line’ pub crawl would bring you to ten spots.  A challenge? Definitely!  But much more doable than the complete London version.  Thoughts?  Please share your comments.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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