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British pub crawl article in New York Post

We came across a NY Post article on a British pub crawl:

Our thoughts:

While we have not had the pleasure to visit Yorkshire in England, this article makes us put Yorkshire a bit higher on our to-visit list of places.  A pub crawl in England sounds like a lot of fun!  There’s nothing quite like an English pub in NYC.  Probably the closest NYC bar to an English pub that we know is Pound & Pence, located at 55 Liberty Street in Manhattan’s Financial District.

A review of Mace in Manhattan's Alphabet City

Located just west of Avenue C at 649 E. 9th Street in Manhattan’s Alphabet City, Mace is a cocktail bar in the old Louis 649 space.  Mace features 12 seasonal house cocktails centered around various spices (think Paprika, cumin, Mace, cocoa, etc.)  In addition to cocktails, Mace offers a few wines/beers, but the cocktails are the main draw here.  For food, Mace has small plates: mainly flatbreads and cheese/charcuterie.  If you’re a fan of artisanal cocktails, then you need to add Mace to your next Avenue C NYC bar crawl!


19 American bars to visit

We came across a buzzfeed article recently:

Our thoughts:

Two NYC bars are mentioned in this article, East Village’s Please Don’t Tell and Prospect Heights’ The Way Station.  We agree that Please Don’t Tell is definitely a spot to visit at least once.  While we enjoyed our visit to The Way Station, the place did not strike as a must-visit spot.  Definitely include The Way Station on any Prospect Heights NYC bar crawl, but we don’t think it’s worth going out of your way for (unless you’re a Doctor Who fan!).

A review of Lois Wine Bar in Manhattan's Alphabet City

Located at 98 Avenue C in Manhattan’s Alphabet City, Lois is the first all-tap wine bar that we’ve visited.  Patrons can buy the tap wine in the following sizes (in milliliters): 100, 175, 500 and 1,000.  There are at least a dozen different wines to order, along with a few beers.  The space is fairly small, even by Alphabet City standards.  Several seats at the bar and, opposite the bar, patrons can find a few tables to seat parties of two, four or six.  It’s a great spot and one worth visiting the next time you are spending an evening in this part of town.


A review of Vanguard Wine Bar on Manhattan's Upper West Side

Located at 189 Amsterdam Ave. on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Vanguard Wine Bar is the spacious second location of the Vanguard empire.  This uptown location offers 28 wines by glass/bottle (beer and wine only here, no hard alcohol).  The menu divides up red and whites by sub sections as described by body/taste (mild-mannered, bold, etc). The space feels as though the bar been around for a while (though it’s not more than 2-3 years old as of this writing).  Food offerings can best be described as snacks and small plates plus the requisite cheese/charcuterie.  We enjoyed our visit to Vanguard; it’s a great addition to any NYC UWS wine bar crawl!

Vanguard Wine Bar UWS

A review of Moot Bar in Brooklyn's Clinton Hill

Located at 579 Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill (just across Myrtle Avenue from Brooklyn Tap House), Moot Bar is a new addition to the Myrtle Avenue NYC craftbeer bar crawl.  Situated just northeast of the Pratt Institute, Moot Bar offers 12 quality taps plus a few more bottled beers.  Full bar available including numerous house cocktails.  Trivia night every Wednesday starting at 9pm.  Window seating for prime people watching at the corner of Classon and Myrtle Avenues.

Moot Bar