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A few spots in Greenpoint and Williamsburg sections of Brooklyn

After our time in Sunnyside was completed, we continued southwest along west Greenpoint Avenue, across the Newtown Creek into Brooklyn and hit three spots in Greenpoint and East Williamsburg.

Pencil Factory, located at 142 Franklin Street.  Solid spot, part of the gentrification of the northern section of Greenpoint.  12 mostly-quality tap beers offered.  Worth a visit the next time you’re nearby.

After Greenpoint, we moved over the East Williamsburg to visit two recently opened establishments, The Tradesman and Post No Bills, both located within steps of the Montrose Avenue L-train stop.

The Tradesman, a fairly-recently opened spot located at 222 Bushwick Avenue.  Chill vibe and 12 quality tap beers.  Sizeable outdoor space in the back.

Post No Bills, located at 253 Bushwick Avenue.  This bar was not on our radar at all.  We happened to notice it when we first cam out of the L-train enroute to The Tradesman.  Post No Bills is long and narrow, with a small seating area in back.  Only two tap beers here, so we enjoyed part of the 18 bottled/canned beer selection.

The small seating area in back.

What do you think of these spots?  Please share your thoughts.

Bar hopping on a weekday afternoon in Sunnyside, Queens

Pub Crawl NYC enjoys hanging out in Sunnyside.  It had been a while, so on a recent weekday afternoon, we ventured over there to hit some spots along Queens Blvd and Greenpoint Avenue.  Below are the highlights:

Molly Blooms at 43-13 Queens Blvd, this location is the old Flynn’s Inn.  Molly Blooms has a Victorian theme going.  Small outdoor area in the back. 12 tap beers and 18 bottled beers offered.  Fairly simple bar food menu.

McGuiness’s at 44-23 Queens Blvd.  A comfortable neighborhood corner bar.  Six tap beers.  As the name suggests, it’s an Irish bar.

Bliss Street Station at 47-02 Greenpoint Avenue.  Another Irish pub offering six tap beers and decent pub grub.  Fairly sizeable dining area also.

Greenpoint Lounge at 43-22 Greenpoint Avenue.  Probably the diviest of the five pubs we visited this day.  Long bar area followed by a pool table toward the back and a small outdoor area in the back.

View from the back

Bantry Bay Public House at 3301 Greenpoint Avenue.  From the looks of the outside, it looks dive-y, but rather pleasant on the inside with both a sizeable bar and dining areas.  I’m unsure if this section of Queens is still Sunnyside or Long Island City.  Perhaps it’s on the border.  If you have any thoughts on this debate, please share!

Good times await in Sunnyside’s bars, definitely worth a trip if you are looking for something slightly different.  Please share your thoughts on this excursion.