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Pub Crawl NYC's review of Swine in Manhattan's West Village

From the people behind Bourgeois Pig and Spotted Pig comes Swine, a bi-level spot located at 531 Hudson Street (near Charles Street, in the old Ruby Fruit B&G location).  Bar upstairs has some small tables to dine, while most of the dining takes place downstairs.  Pub Crawl NYC visited on a recent Thursday night and our primary takeaway would be how ridiculously crowded (and loud) the place was.  The wine and beer selection is solid and the food was pretty good, but this is not a place to come if you want to have a reasonable quiet drink or dinner.  The place was so crowded that the party at the table next to us had one of their wine glasses knocked to the floor because one of the standing patrons was so close to their table, he accidentally knocked the wineglass over.  As expected, due to the crowded space, the service was slow, even though the staff was friendly.  Maybe a return trip is worthwhile when the place is not so busy, but with so many other bars to explore in the five boroughs, Pub Crawl NYC is unlikely to return to Swine.

The upstairs bar area

Should children, properly supervised, be allowed into certain bars during daytime hours?

Greenwood Park, the new beergarden at the southern edge of Brooklyn’s Park Slope, has been the subject of a minor controversy around its policy of allowing children into the bar with their parents.  A recent New York Times article details the issue.  In short, some parents from the nabe like to bring their youngsters to the establishment, while other patrons don’t care for the children’s presence.  This issue has happened before at other bars in the immediate area and in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn; Greenwood Park just being the latest such example.

On a recent Sunday afternoon visit, Pub Crawl NYC did not see a single child at the establishment.  Perhaps this had to do with the weather, it was very hot and humid and probably not good for children being out in the sun for extended periods of time.  We look forward to a return visit as Greenwood Park is a great spot and one of the few spacious outdoor drinking areas in Park Slope.  But, if some patrons are particularly annoyed at the sight of children, they can go somewhere else.  There are at least 60 other bars in Park Slope (and Pub Crawl NYC has visited almost all of them!).

Within reason, should children, properly supervised, be allowed into certain bars during daytime hours?  Please share your thoughts with us.

The most recent weekend in NYC pub crawling

Pub Crawl NYC visited a few spots in Astoria and a few spots in Park Slope this weekend.  Not much notable to report as far as new spots are concerned in Astoria.  Though we found Max Bratwurst, located at 47-02 30th Avenue, to be more of a restaurant than a bar.  Good food there.  In Park Slope, Greenwood Park, at the southern edge of Park Slope (or is it South Slope there?) was the most notable place we visited in that section of town.  Greenwood Park, a beergarden that has been the subject of a (somewhat contrived) controversy, is located at 555 7th Avenue (at 19th Street).  More on Greenwood Park in a post later this week.

Where to pub crawl in NYC this weekend?

A few spots that we have been considering for the upcoming weekend include Astoria and some of Manhattan’s best beer bars.  It’s been a while since Pub Crawl NYC was last in Astoria.  Of course, an old friend of Pub Crawl NYC will be passing through town this weekend and this friend loves craft beer bars.  So, perhaps a Manhattan craft-beer focused NYC bar crawl will also be in order this weekend.  Which beer bars or section of town to you suggest that Pub Crawl NYC visits this weekend?  Please share your thoughts with us.

Visit to Five Lamps Tavern on Manhattan's Upper West Side

Five Lamps Tavern, located at 2657 Broadway (between 105th and 106th Streets) is a must visit.  18 mostly quality tap beers and an outdoor space (which is still under construction).  Friendly staff.  A good spot to include on the Upper West Side craft-beer focused NYC bar crawl.  Tasty weekend brunch menu (try the IPA-brined french fries or the breakfast flatbread!).

The fairly sizeable outdoor area, still under construction.
A view of Five Lamps Tavern from the back.
The mostly-quality tap beer selection