Monthly Archives: January 2012

A visit to Dark Horse Tavern (17 Murray Street between Broadway and Church Street in Tribeca)

Replacing the bar called 17, Dark Horse Tavern opened in late 2010.  A long bar greets you on the left with a seating/dining area toward the back.  Dark Horse Tavern has a dozen big screen TVs and there are two booths in the dining area that each have their own smaller TV.  The food menu consists of bar/pub fare (the wings are great, some interesting sauces too!)  The 24 tap beers consist mainly of craft beers from the NY metro area, as well as around the U.S.  This establishment is a welcomed addition to the craft-beer Tribeca NYC bar crawl.  Throw in the friendly staff and Dark Horse Tavern is a must visit!

The solid beer selection

Another thought on sports bars

It’s so much easier now to watch an out-of-town team than it used to be.  With the proliferation of sports television packages, numerous NYC bars now cater to fans of another city’s sports teams or a specific out-of-town professional or college team.  One site that I’ve used recently to find out-of-town friendly sports bars is, which gives you the ability to filter your bar search by specific sports teams.

Pondering the evolution of Sports Bars

With the NFL playoffs about to begin, I’m thinking about sports bars.  Over the next several weekends, sports bars in NYC and around the country will be packed with fans.  Of course, there are numerous sports bars all around the five boroughs and I won’t commence a top-10 list or any reviews today (though an NYC sports bar crawl could be interesting, maybe one for each borough).  Just a question/wonderment.  Prior to the television sports packages and satellite television, what was the sports bar experience like?  Was it just a place for locals to gather once or twice per week and watch the home team (aside from places with close proximity to sports venues)?  Surely, no bar prior to television sports packages and satellite television would have a dozen TVs in the establishment.  Three, maybe four TVs, at the most?  If you can provide any insight or thoughts on this, please do here.  I look forward to hearing from you!