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A visit to the Sweetwater brewery in Atlanta, part 2

Some photos from the brewing and bottling portion of my visit.  I had never before seen a bottling facility of a microbrewery.  The local NYC microbreweries do their bulk bottling outside of the tri-state area (where real estate is much more affordable versus in the five boroughs).  Even for the size of Sweetwater (who proclaimed to be the 27th largest craft brewer in the U.S.), this operation seemed elaborate to me.  The entire bottling room was two stories high and nearly two football fields in length.

This room holds the aging vessels.
Part of the bottling room. At the very back of this photo, empty bottles enter the room . . .
The bottles are filled with beer at the station at the top of this photo and then wind their way around to the room to the bottle labler, also toward the top of this photo.
A (sort-of) close-up of the bottle filler


A close-up of the bottle labler
One filled and labled, the bottles get placed into standard cases of 24 bottles and the cases are moved out of the bottling facility for distribution.

What are your thoughts on Sweetwater and its bottling facility?  Leave a comment here.

A visit to the Sweetwater Brewery in Atlanta, part 1

A visit to the Sweetwater Brewery entailed some sampling at the indoor bar and hanging in the outdoor area.  Some photos from the occasion.  The photos from the brewery tour part of the visit will be available later this week.

The crowded indoor tasting room, the bar offered six 8-oz pours for only $10.
The main outdoor tasting area. The weather was great, even for late March in Atlanta!
In the background, is the line of people waiting to get in. On a nice weather day, it gets crowded quickly!

I just wish Sweetwater’s beer were available in NYC!  Check back later this week from some photos of the brewing and bottling process.

A visit to Meehan's Irish pub in Atlanta, GA

A recent weekend trip to Atlanta gave me a chance to visit Meehan’s in Downtown Atlanta.  Very spacious (for NYC standards anyway!), Meehan’s offered quality regional craft beers (love the Sweetwater offerings) as well as good bar and pub fare.  If you are hanging out in Downtown Atlanta after work or before a sporting event at nearby Phillips Arena or the Georgia Dome, definitely stop in at Meehan’s.

The Distillery in Savannah, GA

The anchor spot for any Savannah craft-beer focused pub crawl.  21 taps and many more out of the bottle.   The first pic below says it all re: beer selection.  Spacious spot located in a historic building.  The food menu is extensive, serving regional fare as well as traditional bar eats.  The Bloody Maries are made with pickle-infused vodka, making the Distillery’s Bloody Mary quite possibly the best I have ever had!  The friendly staff makes you feel at home.

I've seen notifications like this before, but they typically do not mention this many beers!

Churchill’s in Savannah, GA

Located on West Bay Street, Churchill’s offers a good beer selection (10+ taps and 20+ bottles) along with a mix of American bar and English pub fare.  The place is spacious with a long bar area and a separate dining area.  Staff is friendly.  It is the only place that I visited more than once on my short trip.  Of course, if I had known about the next spot earlier in my trip, I would have likely returned there as well.  I will reveal this mystery spot later today.

Congress Street Social Club in Savannah, GA

Slightly off the beaten path, the Social Club has a good vibe to it.  In warmer weather (which is apparently most of the year, except for the weekend we visited!), the Social Club has a large outdoor front yard for drinking (not something we see in NYC very often!).  Inside, the L-shaped bar is to the left and in the back is an elevated section for billiards.  A few flat-screen TVs allow for good sports watching.  Beer selection offers ten draughts and nearly 40 bottles, of mainly quality beers.

Jen’s and Friends in Savannah, GA

Recommended to me by several folks, Jen’s and Friends did not disappoint.  A smallish space with a focus on craft beer (over 60 bottled beers!) and flavored martinis (over a dozen different kinds), Jen’s offers a relaxed vibe and a friendly staff.  I can imagine the place getting crowded fairly quickly since there is not much standing room between the bar on the left and the half-dozen tables on the right.  I look forward to going there again on my next visit.

The beer menu

My visit to Savannah was fantastic

I had a great time in Savannah.  I spent a full weekend there, but still wasn’t able to see everything.  The city has one of the largest historical districts in the United States.  Numerous movies have been filmed there over the years.  Some great food to be had.  I’ll be sharing some of the pub crawl highlights of my trip in the coming days.  Please check back frequently for updates.

Pictures from a recent Boston Crawl

From a recent trip to Boston, here are a few pictures from a crawl.

The Greatest Bar, a sports bar near TD Garden.
The North Star, another sports bar near TD Garden that is heavy on the Boston theme
Green Dragon Tavern, a Boston bar whose roots date to over 200 years ago. A must visit when you are in Boston!
Another must visit in Boston, The Union Oyster House dates back to 1826. I wish that we could include this spot on the Old NYC pub crawl.