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Two solid recently-opened Irish pubs in Midtown Manhattan

We had the pleasure to visit two recently-opened Irish / craft-beer bars, McGettigan’s and Stout NYC, in Midtown Manhattan of late. Detailed reviews of both spots forthcoming.

Today marks the anniversary of Colorado Statehood

Our NYC Bar of the Day: Butterfield 8, located at 5 East 38th Street in Midtown Manhattan.

Happy Birthday to New York State!

It was 227 years ago on this date that New York State ratified the United States Constitution, becoming the 11th state to do so.  Therefore, July 26th is a great day to drink some New York State beer and eat some New York State food.  A great beer bar for the occasion is Little Town NYC in Union Square, which focuses on NY beer and food.  Today is also a great day for a NYC pub crawl!

Happy Bastille Day!

Our NYC Bar of the Day: Jadis, located at 42 Rivington Street in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Manhattanhenge 2015

We took a break from bar crawling to watch the most recent edition of Manhattanhenge.  Two photos below:

sunset 1

sunset 2

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 239th Birthday to the good ol’ USA. Our NYC Bar of the Day: Fraunces Tavern, located at 54 Pearl Street in Manhattan’s Financial District.

Happy Canada Day!

Our NYC bar of the day: Ontario, located at 559 Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Bar crawling in Sunnyside, Queens

We recently did some bar hopping around Sunnyside, Queens.  We hit numerous spots, including Dog & Duck and The Jar Bar.  Brief reviews of both spots in this space forthcoming.

May 29 marks the 167th anniversary of Wisconsin statehood

Our NYC Bar of the Day: Kettle of Fish, located at 59 Christopher Street in Manhattan’s West Village.

Our thoughts at the beginning of Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend just may be our favorite weekend of the year here at Pub Crawl NYC.  Sometimes it’s appropriate for a quick trip out of town; other times, it’s great to stick around town and go on a NYC pub crawl or three.  As the weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer, the weather almost always delivers.  It was on this weekend long ago that we participated in our very first bar crawl and we’ve been a big fan of bar crawls ever since!  So, whether you’re staying in town or traveling for the long weekend, have a great time, stay safe and happy pub crawling!

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