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Happy St. Patrick’s Month!

It is here once again, our favorite month of the year!  There will be numerous Irish NYC pub crawls around the city.  We’ll provide info on some.  If you would prefer to create your own pub crawl, we can help, free of charge!  We just ask that you visit and “like” our facebook fanpage first, and follow us on twitter (@nycpubcrawl). We’ve been to the overwhelming majority of bars across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. And we’re happy to share our wealth of knowledge.  Drop us a note on FB.

Nearing the end of NYC craft beer week

As we near the end of NYC Craft beer week, we want to share this Gothamist article:  It’s an informative summary of the new breweries that have opened in the last one or two years in the five boros of NYC.  Now that gives us a good idea for a NYC bar crawl…

Eight beers you should stop drinking now

We recently came across an informative article discussing beer and beer ingredients at the following URL:

Our Thoughts:

Regular readers to this space know that we at Pub Crawl NYC are craft-beer fans.  So, we rarely find ourselves drinking any of the eight beers mentioned in the article (with the exception of an occasional Guinness).  Most of these mass-produced beers will contain adjuncts, such as rice or corn (which are cheaper ingredients than barley malt).  Better to stick with beers made at smaller (and preferably local) breweries.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Our NYC Bar of the Day: Bourbon Street Bar & Grill, located at 346 W. 46th Street in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Happy Presidents’ Day!

Our NYC Bar of the Day: Porterhouse at Fraunces Tavern, located at 54 Pearl Street in Manhattan’s Financial District.

Pub Crawl NYC wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day

Our choice for solid Manhattan wine bars include Maslow 6 and Another Room (both on West Broadway in Tribeca) and Ayza (two locations, one in the West Village and one in Midtown South).

February 6 marks the 227th anniversary of Massachusetts statehood

Our NYC Bar of the Day: Professor Thom’s, located at 219 Second Avenue in Manhattan’s East Village.

Bars visited recently in Manhattan

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had a chance to visit such recently-opened spots as Midtown’s Sixty Five, Hell’s Kitchen’s The Waylon and Upper East Side’s Shorty’s.  All three are very different from one another in vibe and draw.  And, all three are worth a visit when you’re bar hopping through those respective areas of Manhattan.  We’ll have reviews of these and other Manhattan spots over the next several days.

Bar hopping in Ridgewood, Queens

Recently, we had a chance to do some pub crawling around the Ridgewood section of Queens.  We had the chance to visit some old neighborhood stand-by’s and some recently-opened spots.  Later this week, we will have brief reviews of Gottscheer Hall, an old-school German beer hall and restaurant, and Onderdonk & Sons, a solid craft-beer bar.  We look forward to a return visit to both spots on our next bar crawl through Ridgewood.

Best wishes for 2015!

Happy New Year!  Pub Crawl NYC wishes you a prosperous 2015.  Our New Year’s resolution: More NYC pub crawls in 2015!

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