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Happy Columbus Day 2016!

Our NYC Italian Wine Bar of the Day: Virgola, located at 28 Greenwich Avenue in Manhattan’s West Village.

Happy Half-way to St. Patrick’s Day!

Just six months to go until one of the best NYC bar crawl days of the year!  Our NYC Bar of the Day: Slainte Bar, located at 304 Bowery in Manhattan’s East Village.

To mark the first Monday Night Football matches of 2016

Since two of the teams playing on Monday, September 12 include the Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Francisco 49ers, our co-NYC bars of the Day: Hibernia, located at 401 West 50th Street in Manhattan’s in Hell’s Kitchen and Finnerty’s, located at 221 Second Avenue in Manhattan’s East Village.

September 9th marks the 166th anniversary of California statehood

Our NYC Bar of the Day: Pacific Standard, located at 82 Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn.

Our thoughts on Labor Day 2016

Because it marks the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day always brings a touch of sadness to us at Pub Crawl NYC.  Summer in NYC offers many opportunities of beautiful weather for NYC bar crawls and other city exploration.  September is still a good weather month in NYC and, if lucky, October can be as well.  But, those two months just aren’t quite the same as June, July and August.  Either way, we look forward to many more NYC pub crawls in the months ahead.  Happy Autumn!

Bars we hope to visit soon in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn

It’s been a while since our last bar crawl through the northwestern corner of Brooklyn.  In that time, Fresh Kills, a cocktail spot named after the old Staten Island landfill, opened at 161 Grand Street.  A bit further north, Falcon Laundry, a cocktail bar with a rooftop, opened at 65 North 7th Street.  Finally, Brooklyn Barge Bar, located at 3 Milton Street in Greenpoint, is an outdoor spot open for its first full summer.  We hope to make it to Brooklyn Barge Bar before the summer of 2016 is over.  We look forward to describing each spot briefly in this space.

Bars we hope to visit soon in Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

We haven’t pub crawled through Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens recently.  Since our last visit, a handful of cocktail-focused spots have opened.  Le Boudoir, at 135 Atlantic Avenue, is a French cocktail and wine bar.  Approximately a mile east, just south of Atlantic Avenue at 104 Bond Street, is Robert (connected to the restaurant Building on Bond, aka Bob).  Further south and west from Robert, at 387 Court Street, is August Laura, in Italian cocktail bar.  Once we’ve visited these spots, we look forward to providing brief reviews in this space.

August 1 marks the anniversary of Colorado statehood

Our NYC Bar of the Day: Butterfield 8, located at 5 East 38th Street in Midtown Manhattan.

Lower Manhattan bars we look forward to visiting

During this Pokemon GO craze, we’ve learned of several new Manhattan bars to open below 14th Street.  Over on Avenue B, Virgola has opened its third location at 221 Avenue B.  Just a few blocks south of Virgola, the bar Lucky has opened in the old Boxcar Lounge space at 168 Avenue B.  Finally, further south in the Lower East Side, Paloma Rocket, a craft-beer, serve-yourself spot has opened at 7 Clinton Street. As always, after we’ve had a chance to visit these spots, we’ll provide you with a brief review.  Stay tuned.

Happy Birthday to New York State!

It was 228 years ago on this date that New York State ratified the United States Constitution, becoming the 11th state to do so.  Therefore, July 26th is a great day to drink some New York State beer and eat some New York State food.  A great beer bar for the occasion is Little Town NYC in Manhattan’s Union Square, which focuses on NY beer and food.  Today is also a great day for a NYC pub crawl!

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