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Our thoughts at the beginning of Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend just may be our favorite weekend of the year here at Pub Crawl NYC.  Sometimes it’s appropriate for a quick trip out of town; other times, it’s great to stick around town and go on a NYC pub crawl or three.  As the weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer, the weather almost always delivers.  It was on this weekend long ago that we participated in our very first bar crawl and we’ve been a big fan of bar crawls ever since!  So, whether you’re staying in town or traveling for the long weekend, have a great time, stay safe and happy pub crawling!

May 11 is the 157th anniversary of Minnesota’s statehood

Our NYC Bar of the Day: Lake Street, located at 706 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Pub Crawl NYC wishes you a safe and happy Cinco De Mayo!

April 30 marks the anniversary of Louisiana statehood

Louisiana joined the Union on April 30, 1812.  For a Louisiana-focused NYC bar crawl, we suggest including Ninth Ward at 180 Second Avenue in Manhattan’s East Village, Delta Grill at 700 Ninth Avenue and Bourbon Street Bar & Grill at 346 W. 46th Street; both in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen.

British pub crawl article in New York Post

We came across a NY Post article on a British pub crawl:

Our thoughts:

While we have not had the pleasure to visit Yorkshire in England, this article makes us put Yorkshire a bit higher on our to-visit list of places.  A pub crawl in England sounds like a lot of fun!  There’s nothing quite like an English pub in NYC.  Probably the closest NYC bar to an English pub that we know is Pound & Pence, located at 55 Liberty Street in Manhattan’s Financial District.

19 American bars to visit

We came across a buzzfeed article recently:

Our thoughts:

Two NYC bars are mentioned in this article, East Village’s Please Don’t Tell and Prospect Heights’ The Way Station.  We agree that Please Don’t Tell is definitely a spot to visit at least once.  While we enjoyed our visit to The Way Station, the place did not strike as a must-visit spot.  Definitely include The Way Station on any Prospect Heights NYC bar crawl, but we don’t think it’s worth going out of your way for (unless you’re a Doctor Who fan!).

Happy Tartan Day!

For a Scottish NYC bar crawl, we recommend the following Manhattan pubs: Caledonia, at 1609 Second Avenue; St. Andrew’s, at 140 W. 46th Street; Shoolbred’s, at 197 Second Avenue.  In Brooklyn, visit Isle of Skye at 488 Driggs Ave and Duke of Montrose at 47 5th Ave.

Happy Vernal Equinox!

On this first day of Spring, our NYC Bar of the Day: Spring Lounge, located at 48 Spring Street in Manhattan’s Little Italy.

Happy First Saturday of March!

Our favorite non-holiday random calendar day of the year! The arrival of the First Saturday of March is very meaningful to us at Pub Crawl NYC. Though the calendar still says winter, March marks the end of the super-cold, long, dark winter months of December, January and February. Spring (and good pub crawling weather) is just ahead.

And if you’re looking for a pub crawl today, here’s one option across the Hudson River in Hoboken, NJ, sponsored by

Happy St. Patrick’s Month!

It is here once again, our favorite month of the year!  There will be numerous Irish NYC pub crawls around the city.  We’ll provide info on some.  If you would prefer to create your own pub crawl, we can help, free of charge!  We just ask that you visit and “like” our facebook fanpage first, and follow us on twitter (@nycpubcrawl). We’ve been to the overwhelming majority of bars across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. And we’re happy to share our wealth of knowledge.  Drop us a note on FB.

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