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Happy Columbus Day!

Our NYC Italian Wine Bar of the Day: Virgola, located at 28 Greenwich Avenue in Manhattan’s West Village.

Brooklyn spots we’ve visited recently

In Williamsburg, we had the pleasure of visiting Rocka Rolla and Sugarburg.  The former is a spot from the folks behind Williamsburg’s Skinny Dennis, while the latter is a solid new addition to any a Metropolitan Ave NYC craft-beer bar crawl.  We’ll have brief reviews on these spots in the coming days.

NYC bars we’ve visited recently

Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to visit Lower East Side’s 151 and Copper & Oak and the Financial District’s Cedar Local.  151 feels similar to the other incarnations in this space (Rivington 151, etc.).  It’s a cocktail bar from the same folks as East Village’s Death & Co (photo of 151 below).  Copper & Oak and Cedar Local are both interesting spots and we’ll have our take on those NYC bars in the coming days.

One Fifty One

Happy Half-way to St. Patrick’s Day!

Just six months to go until one of the best NYC pub crawl days of the year!

Today, September 9, marks the anniversary of California statehood

Our NYC Bar of the Day: Pacific Standard, located at 82 Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn.

Pub Crawl NYC thoughts for this Labor Day

Labor Day, marking the unofficial end of summer, brings a trace of sadness to us at Pub Crawl NYC.  While September still offers good weather month for NYC pub crawls and, if lucky, October can as well, those two months just aren’t quite the same as June, July and August.  Either way, we look forward to many more NYC bar crawls in the months ahead.  Happy Autumn!

Bars we visited recently in Manhattan

We had the pleasure of visiting Crimson & Rye in Midtown East, the Ludlow Hotel Lobby Bar in the Lower East Side and The Jolly Monk in Hell’s Kitchen recently. The first two are cocktail bars and the third is a Belgian Beer Bar. We’ll have reviews of these spots in forthcoming posts.

Our suggestion for a Bushwick J-train bar crawl

Starting close to the Kosciuszko J-train stop and working west, we suggest Goodbye Blue Monday (1087 Broadway), Gallery Bar Brooklyn (1056 Broadway), Bizarre Bushwick (12 Jefferson St),  Skytown (921 Broadway, fka Beauty Bar Brooklyn) and Divine Bar & Grill (896 Broadway) .  We’ll have detailed reviews on some of these spots in the coming weeks.

Our review of Thrillist’s Bedford Avenue tour

Thrillist recently published suggestions on spots to hit on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg for each block between South 5th and North 12th Streets.  It’s a great piece by Thrillist.  Although it wasn’t specifically a bar crawl Thrillist describes in their piece, they do recommend several bars.  For the block between N.10 and N.11th, Thrillist recommends The Bedford.  This is the one block recommendation with which we disagree.  We would have picked Mugs Ale House for this block. With a great beer selection, Mugs Ale House has been around for nearly 20 years and was the first bar we ever visited in Williamsburg.  And Mugs is a bar we try to include on any NYC pub crawl through Williamsburg.

July 26 marks New York State’s Birthday

It was 226 years ago on this date that New York State ratified the United States Constitution, becoming the 11th state to do so.  Therefore, July 26th is a great day to drink some New York State beer and eat some New York State food.  A great beer bar for the occasion is Little Town NYC in Union Square, which focuses on NY beer and food.  Today is also a great day for a NYC pub crawl!

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