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Happy Hannukah!

Pub Crawl NYC wishes you a Happy Hannukah!

December 12 marks the 227th anniversary of Pennsylvania’s statehood

Our co-NYC bars of the day, both located in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen: Shorty’s at 576 Ninth Avenue; Hibernia Bar at 401 West 50th Street.

On this date in U.S. imbibing history

On December 5, 1933, Prohibition officially ended in the United States.

December 3 marks the 196th anniversary of Illinois statehood

Our NYC bar of the day: Windy City Ale House, located at 7915 Third Avenue in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge.

Happy Small Business Saturday!

We suggest a pub crawl today as a way to mark the occasion!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pub Crawl NYC wishes you a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Happy Wednesday night before Thanksgiving!

Where will you be bar crawling tonight?

Bar crawling in Brooklyn

Over the past several weeks, we’ve bar hopped all around the Northwest quadrant of Brooklyn, from Park Slope to Carroll Gardens to Williamsburg.  Over the course of the next several days, we’ll post our thoughts on some of the establishments we visited during this time.

Happy Columbus Day!

Our NYC Italian Wine Bar of the Day: Virgola, located at 28 Greenwich Avenue in Manhattan’s West Village.

Brooklyn spots we’ve visited recently

In Williamsburg, we had the pleasure of visiting Rocka Rolla and Sugarburg.  The former is a spot from the folks behind Williamsburg’s Skinny Dennis, while the latter is a solid new addition to any a Metropolitan Ave NYC craft-beer bar crawl.  We’ll have brief reviews on these spots in the coming days.

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