Monthly Archives: September 2017

A review of Circa Brewing in Downtown Brooklyn

Located at 141 Lawrence Street in rapidly re-developing Downtown Brooklyn, Circa Brewing is a spacious restaurant-brewpub whose food specialty includes pizza.  The beer offerings listed on the menu were numerous, though the bar tender informed us that a few kegs had been kicked.  We believe this is the first brewpub to open in Brooklyn and it’s one of those spots that doesn’t feel as though it’s Brooklyn or any part of NYC, really.  Circa Brewing is open for lunch and dinner everyday.  If you’re a fan of craft beer, then you need to visit Circa Brewing.

Circa Brewing

Our thoughts on Labor Day 2017

Because it marks the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day always brings a touch of sadness to us at Pub Crawl NYC.  Summer in NYC offers many opportunities of beautiful weather for NYC pub crawls and other city exploration.  September is still a good weather month in NYC and, if lucky, October can be as well.  But, those two months just aren’t quite the same as June, July and August.  Either way, we look forward to many more NYC bar crawls in the months ahead.  Happy Autumn!