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A visit to Reclamation in Brooklyn’s East Williamsburg

Located at 817 Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn’s East Williamsburg, Reclamation is a slightly out-of-the-way spot that offers craft-beers and small batch hard liquor.  Reclamation is a fairly spacious spot with a small backyard.  We found the establishment vaguely reminiscent of the nearby bar The Richardson; we’re unaware if the two have the same ownership/management.  We enjoyed our visit to Reclamation and look forward to returning here.

Reclamation Williamsburg

A visit to Tiki Tabu on Manhattan’s Lower East Side

Located on the 7th floor of the Hotel Sixty LES on the northern edge of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Tiki Tabu is a seasonal outdoor drinking spot.  The space offers some great views of Midtown to the north and the Financial District to the south as well as areas in between.  Fairly spacious, Tiki Tabu offers a range of tropical drinks plus beer and wine.  It’s a great place for after-work drinks as well as later-in-the-evening DJ music with dancing.

Tiki Tabu

A visit to The Crown in Manhattan’s Chinatown

Located at 50 Bowery atop the 50 Bowery Hotel, The Crown is a new rooftop bar for Lower Manhattan with amazing views of Midtown, downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn.  We got the feeling that the door may be a little difficult late at night, so it’s probably better to visit here during happy hour (the bar opens for business daily at 5pm).  It’s a great spot. Though keep in mind, as with the case with numerous NYC rooftop hotel bars, since the drinks aren’t cheap, remember that you’re paying for the view as well.

The Crown

A visit to Kimoto Rooftop Lounge in Downtown Brooklyn

Located at 216 Duffield Street in Downtown Brooklyn, atop the Aloft Hotel, Kimoto Rooftop is a rooftop garden lounge with great views of Brooklyn and New York Harbor.  This is a spot we’ve been wanting to check out for quite a while.  We suggest coming on a weekday afternoon before the summer is over.  During our brief visit, we got the feeling that the place might possess a tough door on a weekend night.  Anyway, lots of craft-beer and cocktails to choose from plus the friendly staff make this Kimoto Rooftop a must-see.

Kimoto Rooftop

Next time you’re pub crawling along Nassau Ave in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint…

Be sure to stop in at Goldie’s and Diamond Lil.  Goldie’s is located at 195 Nassau Ave and Diamond Lil (not to be confused with the beer bar The Diamond on nearby Franklin Street) is just a few doors west at 179 Nassau Avenue.  Both spots are recently-opened neighborhood bars with great cocktails and craftbeer.  Both possess small backyards for outdoor drinking in the warm weather.  We look forward to returning to both establishments on our next NYC pub crawl through Greenpoint.

Diamond Lil
Diamond Lil