A review of Bierleichen in Ridgewood, Queens

Located at 582 Seneca Avenue in Ridgewood, Queens, Bierleichen is another bar for this section of Queens that has a distinct Brooklyn feel to it. With the skylights and craft beer focus, Bierleichen reminded us vaguely of Park Slope’s Mission Dolores. Some write-ups we’ve seen of Bierleichen call it a Beer Hall and while there are a few communal tables, we found Bierleichen to be less Beer hall and more craft-beer bar. The ten draught beers are split between US craft beers and imports of the Central European variety, along with another 15 bottled beer imports. The space is lit naturally by a few skylights and has foosball, a pool table and a full movie theater-size projection screen in the back wall. Bierleichen is an overall solid spot and we look forward to returning on our next NYC pub crawl along Seneca Avenue.


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