Monthly Archives: March 2016

A review of Milo's Yard in Ridgewood, Queens

Located at 564 Seneca Avenue in Ridgewood, Queens, Milo’s Yard is a new neighborhood / Hipster / beer bar for this section of Queens. Milo’s Yard has ten frequently rotated taps of quality craft beer. The spot definitely feels as though it could be a bar in neighboring Williamsburg or Bushwick. With several nooks and crannies beyond the main bar area, the space is a lot bigger than it looks from the outside. Several pinball machines occupy the middle and back areas of Milo’s Yard. Definitely worth a visit next time you’re pub crawling through Ridgewood.

Milo Yard 1

A review of The Bad Old Days in Ridgewood, Queens

Located at 16-84 Woodbine Street in Ridgewood, Queens, The Bad Old Days is a new neighborhood bar that almost feels like an extension of your living room. Even though it’s been open for business only since late 2015, the spot feels as though it’s been here a lot longer than a mere few months. Beer and cocktails are the main liquid draw here at The Bad Old Days. A handful of bar snacks are available to line your stomach. The staff is friendly and the spot opens at 2pm daily. So, don’t walk, pub crawl your way to The Bad Old Days!

The Bad Old Days

A review of Julia's Beer and Wine bar in Ridgewood, Queens

Located at 818 Woodward Avenue in Ridgewood Queens, Julia’s is more café than beer/wine bar. Regardless of its setting, Julia’s is a solid spot and we enjoyed our visit here. At Julia’s it’s beer and wine only for alcohol; 15 bottled/canned beers and one tap beer. Another 12 or so bottled wines that are either local or organic. The cocktails here are beer or wine-based. The food is mainly small plates and several types of sandwiches. Julia’s opens at noon daily.


Happy First Saturday of March!

Our favorite non-holiday random calendar day of the year! The arrival of the First Saturday of March is very meaningful to us at Pub Crawl NYC. Though the calendar still says winter, March marks the end of the super-cold, long, dark winter months of December, January and February.  Spring (and good pub crawling weather) is just ahead.

And, if you’re looking for a pub crawl for today, the annual Hoboken, NJ St. Patrick’s bar crawl takes place today.  More info here.

Happy St. Patrick's Month!

It has arrived once again, our favorite month of the year!  There will be numerous Irish NYC pub crawls around the city.  We’ll provide info on some.  If you would prefer to create your own pub crawl, we can help, free of charge!  We just ask that you visit and “like” our facebook fanpage first, and follow us on twitter (@nycpubcrawl). We’ve visited the overwhelming majority of bars across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. And we’re happy to share our wealth of knowledge.  Drop us a note on facebook.