Monthly Archives: February 2016

A review of Manhattan Brew & Vine in Morningside Heights

Located at 998 Columbus Avenue in Manhattan’s Morningside Heights, Manhattan Brew & Vine (aka MBV) is craft-beer and wine bar. We had the pleasure of visiting MBV on a recent NYC pub crawl through this section of Manhattan. Twelve tap beers and numerous bottles of wine are the main liquid draw here. In addition to meat and cheese platters, the food here is mainly appetizers. The friendly staff is generous with the beer samples. We look forward to returning here.


A review of Amity Hall Uptown in Manhattan's Morningside Heights

Located at 992 Amsterdam Ave in Manhattan’s Morningside Heights, Amity Hall is the second location of the solid Greenwich Village beer bar, though apparently under different ownership. Regardless, this uptown location offers a great beer selection and is spacious (this was the short-lived uptown Village Pourhouse location). Thirty-two mostly quality tap beers here. Two bar areas at either end of the space with high-top table seating in between. Food menu is a mix of regular bar and upscale bar fare. Amity Hall is an all-around great spot and a must for your next Morningside Heights NYC beer bar crawl!

Amity Hall Uptown

Brooklyn bars we look forward to visiting

In addition to Strong Rope Brewery in the Gowanus/Park Slope border, we hope to visit Rose’s Bar & Grill, located at 295 Flatbush Avenue and Gold Star Beer Counter, located a few blocks east of Rose’s at 176 Underhill Avenue. We gather that the first Brooklyn location of Shorty’s, the Philly Cheesesteak and craft-beer bar, will open soon at 229 Flatbush Avenue. Shorty’s four Manhattan locations have not disappointed, so we expect the same quality out of its first Brooklyn location.

Queens bars we look forward to visiting

Since our last NYC pub crawl through Ridgewood in late 2014, we’ve learned of several new spots in that section of town. Specifically, we have our eye on Ridgewood Ale House, located at 57-38 Myrtle Avenue; The Bad Old Days, located at 1684 Woodbine Avenue and Julia’s, located at 818 Woodward. Over in Astoria, we hope to visit Front Toward Enemy, located at 40-11 30th Avenue and Fishtales, located at 38-14 30th Avenue. As always, after we’ve had a chance to visit these spots, we’ll share brief reviews of them in this space.

Manhattan bars we look forward to visiting

It’s been a while since we pub crawled through NYC’s Upper East Side.  Several bars have opened in that part of town.  On our next bar crawl there, we hope to visit, among others, Bayard’s Ale House East, located at 1549 First Avenue, and Uptown Local, located at 1606 First Avenue.  After we’ve had a chance to visit these and other spots, we will share brief reviews of them in this space.