A review of Croxley's Abbey in Brooklyn's Williamsburg

Located at 63 Grand Street in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, Croxley’s Abbey is yet another solid craft-beer bar from the same owners as Croxley’s Ale House in Manhattan’s Alphabet City. Like the Manhattan location, Croxley’s Abbey proudly does NOT serve products from Bud, Miller or Coors. We applaud such a move. Croxley’s Abbey is a bit off the beaten path (located just west of Wythe Street, about a block from the East River). Opening for business everyday at 11am, Croxley’s Abbey is very spacious (taking up the equivalent of two store fronts) and, in addition to the great craft-beer selection, a good spot for watching sports. Add this spot to your bar hopping itinerary the next time you’re making it an afternoon or evening along Grand Street in Williamsburg.

Croxley Abbey

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