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A review of Croxley's Abbey in Brooklyn's Williamsburg

Located at 63 Grand Street in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, Croxley’s Abbey is yet another solid craft-beer bar from the same owners as Croxley’s Ale House in Manhattan’s Alphabet City. Like the Manhattan location, Croxley’s Abbey proudly does NOT serve products from Bud, Miller or Coors. We applaud such a move. Croxley’s Abbey is a bit off the beaten path (located just west of Wythe Street, about a block from the East River). Opening for business everyday at 11am, Croxley’s Abbey is very spacious (taking up the equivalent of two store fronts) and, in addition to the great craft-beer selection, a good spot for watching sports. Add this spot to your bar hopping itinerary the next time you’re making it an afternoon or evening along Grand Street in Williamsburg.

Croxley Abbey

A review of Kiabacca bar in Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen

Located at 639 Tenth Avenue in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen, Kiabacca Bar is a craft-beer bar (and brick oven pizza spot) from the same owners as The Pony Bar next door. More spacious than Pony Bar, Kiabacca Bar offers 20 mostly quality US craft beers on draught and its food menu consists mainly of pizza, though there are appetizers and a few sandwiches. Based on our conversation with the friendly and helpful bartender, we think that Kiabacca may be suffering a bit of an identity crisis. As of this posting, the spot will no longer be open for lunch on weekdays and the craft beers may get limited to just a few of the 20 taps. We hope neither of these developments is true because the beer selection was outstanding and the food made for a solid lunch spot. Either way, be sure to include Kiabacca on your next 10th Avenue NYC bar crawl.

Kiabacca Bar

A review of Goodnight Sonny in Manhattan's East Village

Located at 134 First Avenue (in the old Simone space) in Manhattan’s East Village, Goodnight Sonny is a cocktail bar from the same owners as The Wayland, three blocks east at Avenue C and 9th Street. Goodnight Sonny has gotten a lot of press since it’s grand opening and for good reason. Goodnight Sonny has a friendly staff, solid food menu and a rustic feel. A handful of house cocktails and craft beers are the main liquid draw here. Next time you’re bar hopping along First Avenue, be sure to stop in at Goodnight Sonny.

Goodnight Sonny

A review of Haymaker in Manhattan's Chelsea

Located at 252 West 29th Street in Manhattan’s Chelsea, Haymaker is a recently-opened beer bar and gastropub, with 18 frequently-rotated taps of US craft beers.  A good spot for your next North Chelsea NYC beer bar crawl, Haymaker is fairly spacious and offers a friendly staff. Haymaker opens for business starting at 11am weekdays for lunch and weekends at 4pm. During our visit, the food menu was slightly limited, primarily a mix of small plates, bar appetizers and some sandwiches.  We look forward to returning here.


A review of St. Patrick's Pub in Midtown Manhattan

Located at 22 West 46th street, St. Patrick’s Pub is the latest Midtown Manhattan Irish pub lunch /after-work spot from the same owners as other Midtown spots, such as the numerous Playwright taverns, McGee’s and McHale’s (the new McHale’s on 51st Street). Food offerings include a mix of sandwich / wrap fare and some traditional Irish plates. Tap beer offerings are a fairly standard mix of US large craft beers and imports. The spot is Bi-level with a small outdoor area in the back of the second floor. Friendly staff is a plus here. St. Patrick’s Pub is worth a visit and a good addition to any Midtown Irish NYC pub crawl.

St. Patricks Pub 2

A review of The Hop Shop in Brooklyn's Cobble Hill

Located at 121 Columbia Street, way off the beaten path at the western edge of Cobble Hill in Brooklyn, The Hop Shop is a quality craft beer bar. The Hop Shop offers 14 frequently-rotated craft beers plus numerous more bottled ones. The tap beer selection is a mix of local tri-state beers and other American craft offerings. Like a good beer bar, The Hop Shop offers half-pints for your sampling pleasure. There’s a self-service popcorn popper and a small backyard area. Even if this spot is out of the way, it’s well worth your visit. We look forward to returning to The Hop Shop on our next NYC pub crawl along Columbia Street!

Hop Shop