Is it a bar or a restaurant?

It’s a question we often ask ourselves and a recent New York Times article caught our attention:

The article discusses how a few recently opened NYC establishments are either restaurants with a great drink menu or bars with quality food. Some of these new establishments have been opened by successful chefs in what is their first attempt at a bar. The article got us to thinking about how sometimes, when researching for new NYC pub crawl routes, it’s difficult to judge when a potential establishment is a restaurant or bar. Most of the time, it’s obvious whether an establishment is a bar or a restaurant. Though 10-15% of the time, the place could go both ways. We could write about this topic for a long time, but we like to keep things brief. Ultimately, whether or not the borderline spot is a restaurant or a bar comes down to the patrons’ primary activity. If they’re mostly eating, then the spot is a restaurant. If the patrons are mostly drinking, then it’s a bar. It’s important, as we like to say, to “see the place in action.” What are your thoughts on this topic? Please leave us a comment!

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