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A review of Mr. Fong's in Manhattan's Chinatown

Located at 40 Market Street, way off the beaten path in Manhattan’s Chinatown (or is it Two Bridges?), Mr. Fong’s is the latest cool/chill spot to open below Canal Street. Mr. Fong’s feels as though it’s been in this space for a long time, even though it opened in mid-summer 2015. Mr. Fong’s has its own house cocktails and a few craft beers. The juke box is just for show. A few booths serve as window seating. A 12-seat bar takes up a good chunk of the space and the rest of the space is for standing room. Whether or not you live/work nearby, add Mr. Fong’s to your to-do list. It’ll be worth your while.

Mr Fongs

Is it a bar or a restaurant?

It’s a question we often ask ourselves and a recent New York Times article caught our attention:

The article discusses how a few recently opened NYC establishments are either restaurants with a great drink menu or bars with quality food. Some of these new establishments have been opened by successful chefs in what is their first attempt at a bar. The article got us to thinking about how sometimes, when researching for new NYC pub crawl routes, it’s difficult to judge when a potential establishment is a restaurant or bar. Most of the time, it’s obvious whether an establishment is a bar or a restaurant. Though 10-15% of the time, the place could go both ways. We could write about this topic for a long time, but we like to keep things brief. Ultimately, whether or not the borderline spot is a restaurant or a bar comes down to the patrons’ primary activity. If they’re mostly eating, then the spot is a restaurant. If the patrons are mostly drinking, then it’s a bar. It’s important, as we like to say, to “see the place in action.” What are your thoughts on this topic? Please leave us a comment!

NYC Oktoberfest pub crawl on Saturday, September 19

Here’s a NYC bar crawl with an Octoberfest theme for Saturday, September 19.  Ulyssses is sponsoring their annual Octoberfest on Stone Street in Manhattan’s Financial District.  It’s an opportunity to do some bar hopping along Stone Street and visit Ulysses and other spots, such as Vintry, The Growler and Adrienne’s.  Details in the announcement below (courtesy of Ulysses’ website):

Two bars in Manhattan's Chelsea on our radar

A couple of spots we look forward to visiting.  The first, World of Beer (a national chain, we gather), just opened a location in Chelsea at 316 8th Avenue.  As craftbeer fans at Pub Crawl NYC, we look forward to stopping in at World of Beer on our next NYC pub crawl through that section of town.  A few blocks north, another beer bar / gastropub, Haymaker, located at 262 West 29th Street, is expected to open for business in the coming days (or weeks).  Soon after our visits to both spots, we’ll post our brief thoughts on the two establishments.

Our thoughts on Labor Day, 2015

Because it marks the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day always brings a touch of sadness to us at Pub Crawl NYC.  Summer in NYC offers many opportunities of beautiful weather for NYC bar crawls.  September is still a good weather month in NYC and, if lucky, October can be as well.  But, those two months just aren’t quite the same as June, July and August.  Either way, we look forward to many more NYC pub crawls in the months ahead.  Happy Autumn!

A review of Stout NYC near Grand Central Terminal, part 2

See below for part 1 of our review of Stout NYC near Grand Central Terminal. Twenty-four mostly-quality tap beers are a big draw here. The food menu includes bar appetizers, different types of burgers and other non-burger sandwiches. This location of Stout NYC is open daily starting at lunchtime and closes for business around 2am at the earliest. The staff is friendly and the food is tasty; we look forward to our next visit to this location of Stout NYC.

Stout NYC GCT 1