Monthly Archives: December 2014

A review of The Grand National in Brooklyn's Williamsburg

Located at 524 Grand Street in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, The Grand National is a new sports bar for Williamsburg!  Picking up where Kingsland (we hardly knew ye) left off, this spot offers eight large TVs tuned to multiple games.  For beer, there are ten taps (a mix of quality and not-so-quality) as well as ten more available by bottle/can.  Ten cocktails featured at (only) $10. Food menu consists mainly of standard bar food.

The Grand National

A review of Barcade in Manhattan's East Village

Located at 6 St. Mark’s Place in Manhattan’s East Village, Barcade St. Mark’s is actually the second location of Barcade to open in Manhattan (by a matter of months). The first Manhattan location opened earlier in 2014 and is in Chelsea (and we’ll have a brief review on that later this month). The original Barcade is located in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg. We’ve been big fans of the Williamsburg location for years. Less spacious than the Williamsburg location, the St. Mark’s location of Barcade is has the same feel: A solid craftbeer bar combined with two dozen or so 1980s era video games. Simply a fantastic spot and a great new addition to the East Village NYC craftbeer bar crawl!

Barcade SM 2

Barcade SM 1