Monthly Archives: November 2014

A review of Proper West in Midtown Manhattan

Located just a few blocks north of Herald Square, at 54 W. 39th Street, Proper West is another upscale sports bar for Manhattan!  If the spot feels familiar, it’s because this place used to be EVR.  Gone is the DJ booth and the lounge-like seating in back and on the second level.  Seating in those areas are standard tables for two or booth-style seating. The bar area is similar to what it was at EVR (except for the larger TV screens over the bar). And, like EVR before it, Proper West attracts the after-work crowd.  A 12-tap system offers mostly quality beers.  Other standard beers available by bottle. Proper West is worth a visit if you work/live nearby.

Proper West

A review of Hollow Nickel in Brooklyn's Boreum Hill

Located at 494 Atlantic Avenue, just 1.5 blocks west of Barclays Center, Hollow Nickel offers eight quality craft beers and nine bottled beers.  For layout, the bar area in front half and a seating area at back half.  Hollow Nickel also has a spacious outdoor area out back (where smoking is allowed).  A large chalk board near entrance inform patrons of drink selection, food and specials.  We look forward to returning here.

Hollow Nickel

A review of Bar Sepia in Brooklyn's Prospect Heights

Located at 234 Underhill Avenue in Brooklyn’s Park Slope, Bar Sepia is a neighborhood bar just around the corner from the Brooklyn Museum of Art.  Sitting on a residential stretch of Underhill, Bar Sepia has been around for over a decade, but we just visited it for the first time recently!  The spot offers three tap beers, 20 or so bottled beers and 15 wines-by-the-glass.  Food menu consists mainly of bar/small bites. Bar Sepia is a good spot to start or end your prospect heights bar crawl.

Bar Sepia

A review of Supercollider in Brooklyn's Park Slope

Located at 609 Fourth Avenue at the southwestern reaches of Park Slope, Supercollider is part cafe/part bar (okay, mostly bar).  Offering 16 quality, mostly US domestic draft beers, Supercollider is a great beer lovers spot on a rather drab stretch of Fourth Avenue. Front half of the space is the bar; back half has a few tables and two pinball machines. A few board games also available. Supercollider is a solid spot for any Park Slope craft beer bar crawl.


A review of Kilo Bravo in Brooklyn's Williamsburg

Located at 180 North 10th Street, just off the beaten path (aka Bedford ave) on Williamburg’s North Side, Kilo Bravo is a cool cocktail and craft beer bar. They have a cocktail for each of the 50 states (see first photo below), as well as 12 quality tap beers and another 15 bottled/canned beers.  Limited food menu (grilled cheese and other sandwiches).  A long bar area takes up most of the space. There are a few tables in the back near the kitchen.  A nice addition to the Williamsburg NYC Craft-beer bar crawl!

Kilo Bravo 1

Kilo Bravo 2

A review of Other Half Brewery in Brooklyn's Carroll Gardens

Located at 195 Centre Street on the southern edge of Carroll Gardens, the Other Half Brewery offers a very small tasting room (approx 15×15 square feet) with 8-9 beers brewed in the room next door (you can peek into the brewery from the tasting room). The tasting room has one small table and standing room along the walls. Tasting options include 4 4-oz beers flight, 12-, 16- oz pours and then 32 and 64 oz growlers for takeaway. They also sell some glassware emblazened with their logo.  The tasting room is open Thursday through Sunday (opens at 5pm on Thursday and Friday, noon on Saturday and Sunday). The tasting room is a bit out of the way, but well worth the visit!

The Other Half

The Other Half 2