A review of Crimson and Rye in Manhattan's Midtown East

Located at 198 East 54th Street (at Third Avenue), Crimson & Rye may be the first ever lobby bar for an NYC office building.  No joke, Crimson & Rye is located in the north section of the lobby of the Lipstick building.  Crimson & Rye is a cocktail bar with a good selection of amber-colored liquids; wine and beer also available.  Food consists of mostly small bites.  The oval-shaped bar takes up most of the space and seating along the windows looks out onto the 54th & 3rd intersection.  Our only beef with the place is the bathroom situation. Remember how it’s in the lobby of an office building?  Well, there is no bathroom in the lobby of that building (at least one for the bar patrons).  Therefore, bar patrons must go through building security, take an elevator down one flight, exit the elevator, take a couple of lefts to get to the facilities.  Perhaps, since Crimson & Rye just recently opened, such a situation is temporary.  Either way, Crimson & Rye is worth a visit.

Crimson & Rye 2

Crimson & Rye 1

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