Monthly Archives: July 2013

NYC bars we've visited recently

In Manhattan, we had the pleasure of visiting The Bar Room (at 117 East 60th Street), Sel Rrose (1 Delancey Street) and Eastwood (221 East Broadway), among others.  Over in Brooklyn, we hit the Park Slope locations of Terroir and Beauty Bar; in Carroll Gardens, we went to Lavendar Lake.  Reviews of some forthcoming.  In short, we had a good time at all of them and their definitely worth a visit.

A review of Torst in Brooklyn's Greenpoint

Located at 615 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Torst  takes the meaning of hard-to-find beer bar to the next level.  This place serves 21 tap beers and another dozen by the bottle.  Nearly all of the breweries represented were not ones we were familiar with.  In addition, this place must be the only craft-beer bar in Brooklyn that did not carry at least one of the three Brooklyn-made beers (Brooklyn Brewery, Kelso or Six Point).  The space is comfortable, with seating in the front half and the bar in the back half.  Lots of exposed wood walls.  Definitely a spot for the Greenpoint NYC craft-beer bar crawl.  Just be ready to try something completely different!