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A review of Chelsea Pub in Manhattan's Chelsea

Located at 362 West 23rd Street, Chelsea Pub is another relaxed neighborhood spot, brought to you by the same owners as West Side Tavern (next door), the Garment District’s Houndstooth Pub and Stitch Bar & Grill.  Chelsea Pub is fairly spacious; long bar on right, three communal high top tables in the middle and dining tables along the left wall.  The beer selection includes twelve taps, mostly NY State craft beers and another nine bottled beers.  The food menu offers solid pub fare (try the chicken quesadilla).  Chelsea Pub is a good candidate for the Chelsea craft-beer NYC bar crawl.

A review of Headless Horseman Tavern in Manhattan's Union Square

Located at 119 East 15th Street, The Headless Horseman Tavern takes over the space that used to house 119 Bar.  Fifteenth Street now has quite the NYC bar crawl going for it on the two blocks between Union Square and Third Avenue (six bars at our last count).  Headless Horseman has that rustic feel to it and is a new addition to the Union Square craft-beer NYC pub crawl, offering around 20 quality tap beers.  The food menu is somewhat small, but tasty (try the Turkey leg sandwich and the kale salad!).  We want to return to this spot.  Between it and Little Town NYC across the street, we could be stuck on this stretch of 15th street all day!

A Gin Gimlet recipe from the New York Times, featuring New York Distilling Company Gin

Here’s a Gin Gimlet recipe we recently came across, located at

Galvanized Gimlet

This gimlet packs a punch, so serve it on the rocks.

2 ounces navy-strength gin (like New York Distilling Company‘s Perry’s Tot)

½ ounce Rose’s lime juice

½ ounce fresh-squeezed lime juice.

Fill a rocks glass with ice, add ingredients and stir.