Monthly Archives: April 2013

A review of EVR in Midtown Manhattan

Located at 54 West 39th Street, EVR is a Midtown clubby/lounge-y type spot.  Past the long bar area, there’s an elevated DJ booth and a lounge area with low-lying seating, along with a small lounge area on the second floor.  During our weeknight visit, the crowd appeared mostly as the after-work type; we could feel the scene changes significantly late nights and weekends.  Overall, it’s an okay spot for after-work, but if Irish pubs are a dime-a-dozen in this part of Manhattan, then these upscale clubby/lounge-y type spots are becoming a quarter-a-dozen.

The front bar area
The back lounge area

A review of The Cash Bar in Manhattan's Midtown South

Located on the second floor of 58 East 34th Street, The Cash Bar is another speakeasy/cocktail type place.  Fairly small and intimate, The Cash Bar feels like a good date place.  As the name implies, the space has a ubiquitous cash theme, from the wall paper to the little pile of fake $100 bills in the middle of the room.  It’s something a little different for the immediate surrounding neighborhood.  Worth a visit next time you are nearby.