A visit to the future (unfinished) portion of the High Line

Pub Crawl NYC took a break from bar hopping to visit the future portion of the High Line on Manhattan’s West Side.  Here are some photos from that visit:

The entrance, located on W. 34th Street close to the West Side Highway, at the northern end of the future phase was actually at street level.
After the entrance, the High Line slopes gently upward and turns south toward 30th St., paralleling the West Side Highway


A view of the LIRR Yards in the foreground; Empire State Building in the background.
The abandoned, overgrown railroad tracks, looking south
The High Line takes another bend to become parallel once again with the east-west Manhattan streets
Now paralleling 30th street, we passed by a switch track
Crossing the railroad trestle above 11th avenue. This photo faces north.
This marks the southern end of the unfinished portion. The gate ahead marks the northern end of the finished portion of the High Line

What are your thoughts on our visit to the unfinished portion of the High Line?  Back to pub crawling and bars in our next post!

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