Bar crawling in Chicago

Pub Crawl NYC recently visited Chicago.  Here are some of the bar hopping highlights from our trip to the Windy City.

Berghoff – German restaurant with a large bar area.  A mix of house brews and some imports.  Solid spot with good food, but since it’s located in The Loop, it closes at 9pm most nights

Elephant & Castle –  the chain English-style pub.  Even though it’s a chain, we like this place because it does not have a location in NYC, and therefore don’t get to it too often.  Tap beers are a mix of standard imports and macro brews, but there area a few local beers featured as well.

Poag Mahone’s –  Irish Pub that offers nearly two dozen tap beers.  This place offers a better mix of local and regional craft beers than Elephant & Castle.  Unfortunately, due to its location in The Loop, Poag’s also closes rather early.

O’Neil’s on Wells – Dive-y sports bar that also offers pizza-by-the-slice.

One thought on “Bar crawling in Chicago

  1. You do pub crawls in cities in which you don’t live, and then write about them? Since when? Come back out to Los Angeles/OC and we’ll do the Hollywood pub crawl from a few years ago again. You know…the out-of-the-way-dive-bars-and-obscure-music-club crawl.

    Come to think of it…I haven’t done that one myself in almost a year. Damn, I’m overdue…

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