Update on Brooklyn's Greenwood Park kids-at-the-bar issue

According to Gothamist, the owners of Greenwood Park bar in Brooklyn’s Park Slope have made a decision on the issue of parents bringing their young children to the bar.  We wrote on this issue several weeks ago.  The decision essentially became a compromise such that after 4pm, kids would not be allowed.  As one parent was quoted as saying in the recent Gothamist article, 4pm is too early.  Pub Crawl NYC thinks daytime hours are okay for the kids to be at the bar, provided they are properly supervised.  Given the variation of sunset times during the warm weather months (approx. 6:45pm until 8:30pm), 6 or 7pm would be a more appropriate cut-off time for the presence of children.  What are your thoughts on this, when is the appropriate time after which children should not be allowed at this establishment?

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