Thoughts on the breweries in Fort Collins, CO

Pub Crawl NYC visited the New Belgium Brewery and Odell Brewery in Fort Collins (a detailed take on each one forthcoming).  We did not have enough time during our visit to see additional breweries, so we’ll have to return to Fort Collins to see the other dozen or so.  But, we learned one interesting fact that sets some of these Fort Collins craft breweries apart from their East Coast brethren: The Fort Collins ones are open nearly everyday of the week and for at least eight hours each day.  And, visitors can spend as much or as little time as they would like in the breweries’ tasting rooms.  These breweries are almost like Napa/Sonoma wineries, in that regard.  Most craft breweries on the East Coast are open to the public a day or two (usually only on weekends) and get the visitors in and out in a fairly quick fashion.  Space is likely part of equation here.  Most craft breweries on the East Coast don’t have much room for a large tasting room.  Furthermore, to this Northeast native, life in Fort Collins is much more laid back compared to most East Coast and Northeast cities.  What are your thoughts on this, why do you think Fort Collins’ breweries seem more welcoming and accommodating to their visitors?

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