McHale's Bar and Grill in Manhattan's Midtown West

A new midtown Irish pub located just east of 51st Street and 8th Avenue.  No, this is not a redux of the classic old New York bar at 46th & 8th that closed for business a few years ago.  The new spot is bi-level, very welcoming addition to the neighborhood.  The staff explained that the name pays homage to the old McHale’s spot, but otherwise has no connection to it.  The front doors and globe lightbulbs at the entrance came from the Helmsley estate!  Beer selection is a mix of the standard tap beers (you know, InBev products plus Sam Adams and a few non-InBev imports) and some local craft beers, including three lines from the nearby Chelsea Brewing Company.  The food menu was not yet finalized during our visit, but it looked promising and we will sample the fare on our next visit!

The lower level

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