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Pub Crawl NYC attends the inaugural Brewnity event at the Seaport Museum in Manhattan

The first-ever Brewnity event celebrated NYC homebrewers.  The attendees enjoyed informative displays, how-to-homebrew films, educational presentations, and samples of a variety of homebrewed beers.  A few photos below:

The main room for the Brewnity event on the 5th floor of the Seaport Museum
The exhibit included displays about brewing, such as this one that discussed Easy Urban Brewing
Pub Crawl NYC's favorite beer of the evening, the Golden Slumber ESB
The Brooklyn Homebrew shop was present.
The homebrewers busy pouring samples of beer for thirsty attendees!

A recent night out on Manhattan's Upper East Side, part 2

Continuing on Pub Crawl NYC’s recent night out on the Upper East Side (see part 1 here), we finished our bar tour with the following three spots:

JBird Cocktails & Food

Located at 339 East 75th Street, this is the new location for the cocktail bar. Small bar area opens up into a larger dining area (shown above)


A nice corner location at 97th and Lexington Avenue. Bar and open kitchen on the right side and tables on the left. ABV serves wine and beer only.

 The Guthrie Inn

Guthrie Inn located at 1259 Park Avenue (between 97th and 98th) has the same owners as next door Earl's Beer & Cheese. The focus at the Guthrie Inn is cocktails. Cozy spot with a table for a small party of 4 - 6 in back.

What do you think of our Upper East Side bar crawl?  It hit several different types of spots.  Good times.  Share your thoughts on this pub crawl here.

A recent night out on Manhattan's Upper East Side, part 1

Pub Crawl NYC visited the Upper East Side for the first time in several months.  We hit several spots.  Below are a few photographs from the evening.

The East End Tavern

Located in the old Snapper Creek space at 1589 First Avenue, this spot is a sports bar. Also has a nod to eastern Long Island

The Recovery Room

This spot at 1446 First Avenue was formerly Citibar (and Burke's before Citibar). Neighborhood/sports bar vibe with a pool table in front and dining in the rear.

Pony Bar East

Right next to the Recovery Room, Pony Bar East is the second location of the Hell's Kitchen original.

Check back soon for part 2 of the our Upper East Side bar crawl.

McHale's Bar and Grill in Manhattan's Midtown West

A new midtown Irish pub located just east of 51st Street and 8th Avenue.  No, this is not a redux of the classic old New York bar at 46th & 8th that closed for business a few years ago.  The new spot is bi-level, very welcoming addition to the neighborhood.  The staff explained that the name pays homage to the old McHale’s spot, but otherwise has no connection to it.  The front doors and globe lightbulbs at the entrance came from the Helmsley estate!  Beer selection is a mix of the standard tap beers (you know, InBev products plus Sam Adams and a few non-InBev imports) and some local craft beers, including three lines from the nearby Chelsea Brewing Company.  The food menu was not yet finalized during our visit, but it looked promising and we will sample the fare on our next visit!

The lower level

Pony Bar East, 1444 First Avenue (at 75th Street) on Manhattan's Upper East Side

The second location in the Pony Bar empire, Pony Bar East is a new addition to the Upper East Side NYC beer bar crawl.  The spot has a similar feel to the original location in Hell’s Kitchen.  Pony Bar East is also a corner bar location with 20 quality tap beers that rotate frequently.  Most beers are 140z. pours that cost $5.  Pub Crawl NYC can’t wait to return!

Similar set up as the HK location with tables along the walls and whiskey barrels in the middle.
Instead of chalkboards, the beer list is updated electronically

The Churchill, 45 East 28th Street in Manhattan

This spot pays homage to the 20th Century British leader and statesman, Winston Churchill.  Famous quotes are visible throughout the establishment and a framed painting of Churchill sits above the fireplace opposite the bar.  The space is divided into three areas: a front seating area, fitted with high-top tables, followed by the main bar area in the middle and the back makes up the dining area (with restrooms just beyond the dining area).  A dozen mostly-quality tap beers, along with some scotch and whiskey make the drink menu that Churchill would be proud of.  The food menu is a mix of English pub fare and some American bar food.  To quote from the bar’s website, “With a great staff, stone fireplace, and tuneful piano, The Churchill offers an atmosphere like no other bar/restaurant in New York City.”  Having visited nearly every bar in Manhattan, Pub Crawl NYC concurs with that statement.

The entrance on East 28th Street
The main bar area with the dining area visible in the rear
12 quality taps. Definitely a good stop for a craft-beer bar crawl.

Why did Shecky's omit Bohemian Hall from its recent list of NYC's Beer Gardens?

That’s what we’ve been wondering recently.  Check out Shecky’s description of ten Beer Gardens in the city.  Pub Crawl NYC regularly uses Shecky’s for its new bar listings and has no problems with any of the places Shecky’s mentioned as all ten are solid spots.  But, how can you omit Bohemian Hall in Astoria from such a list?  Bohemian Hall is the last of the original Beer Gardens in the city.  We’ve written about Bohemian Hall before it remains one of our favorite outdoor spots.  The only reason we can think of for the omission was that Shecky’s list was a Brooklyn-Manhattan only list.  Otherwise, there’s no explanation.  What are your thoughts?  Share them here.

Highlights from Memorial Day weekend, part 3

Maslow 6: Picking up where Vino Vino left off at 211 West Broadway, this small wine bar is attached to the wine store. A mix of small plates and a dozen wines by the glass. A good stop for the Tribeca NYC wine bar crawl.
The Gastro Bar: A glorified lobby bar located in the Tryp Hotel on at 345 W. 35th Street. Part bar, part restaurant. A few interesting beers and good happy hour drink specials, but otherwise, not really worth going out of your way for.

Highlights from Memorial Day weekend, part 2

William Barnacle: Part of the St. Mark's theater at St. Mark's Place and First Avenue. Patrons must keep their conversations quiet during a show.
Proletariat: located at 102 St. Mark's Place behind Jane's Sweet Buns. A true beer-only bar (no other types of alcohol served). Good spot, I hope this place makes it.
Lunasa: 126 First Avenue. A good neighborhood Irish pub. Friendly staff.