A visit to the Sweetwater brewery in Atlanta, part 2

Some photos from the brewing and bottling portion of my visit.  I had never before seen a bottling facility of a microbrewery.  The local NYC microbreweries do their bulk bottling outside of the tri-state area (where real estate is much more affordable versus in the five boroughs).  Even for the size of Sweetwater (who proclaimed to be the 27th largest craft brewer in the U.S.), this operation seemed elaborate to me.  The entire bottling room was two stories high and nearly two football fields in length.

This room holds the aging vessels.
Part of the bottling room. At the very back of this photo, empty bottles enter the room . . .
The bottles are filled with beer at the station at the top of this photo and then wind their way around to the room to the bottle labler, also toward the top of this photo.
A (sort-of) close-up of the bottle filler


A close-up of the bottle labler
One filled and labled, the bottles get placed into standard cases of 24 bottles and the cases are moved out of the bottling facility for distribution.

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