NYC Mayor’s plan to limit booze sales

According to a recent article in the NY Post (located here:, New York City’s Health Department proposes to slash the number of establishments in the city that sell alcohol.  The Health Department, as the Post story reports, is short on specifics of how to implement such proposals.

My thoughts:

As readers of this space know, I love going to bars and doing my New York Bar Crawls.  In short, I’d be disappointed to see such a proposal take hold if it were to reduce radically the number of drinking establishments across the five boroughs.  But, the officials were short on specifics.  Before any of us bar hoppers gets upset and starts a campaign against this proposal, let’s wait for the details.  Whatever the proposals, I doubt too many bars, provided they are not breaking any laws nor being a nuisance to their neighbors, will get shutdown as a result of this proposed policy.  Time will tell.  Either way, stay tuned, this new proposal could have some interesting ramifications for NYC nightlife.

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