Upcoming bar visits

Here are some new spots I hope to visit over the next week or two.  I’ve read about two spots recently in Tribeca, AOA Bar & Grill and Tribeca Taproom.  I believe AOA, located at 35 6th Avenue, resides in the same spot as a recently shuttered restaurant.  In fact, I think that address has turned over a few times over the past several years.  I know almost nothing about AOA, but here’s hoping it will last longer than the last few businesses to occupy that spot.  The Tribeca Taproom, located just south of Greenwich & Franklin Sts, sits in the spot vacated years ago by Pig N Whistle.  If Tribeca Taproom lives up to its name, I hope it will be a welcomed addition to the Tribeca craft-beer focused NYC bar crawl.

Two other spots on my to-do list include JBird and Bar Centrale in the Hell’s Kitchen/Midtown West.  From what I understand, these are both artisnal cocktail bars, but the trick to visiting these two spots is making a reservation.  Unlike most drinking establishments, you must have a reservation before showing up.  Bar Centrale will take reservations over the phone, but JBird only accepts reservations by email (reservations@jbirdny.com)!

What are your thoughts on these four spots?  Please share your comments here.

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