Thoughts on Manhattan Dive Bars

Reading this article on dive bars got me thinking that Manhattan has very few old-school dive bars remaining.  When I say dive bars, I’m not referring to college or post-college dive bars or trendy dive bars.  I’m talking about borderline scary dive bars.  Ones that you don’t feel very comfortable entering.

One day, I will do the NYC Dive bar crawl and it will include the following:  Subway Inn, Blarney Cove, Blarney Stone (on 9th Avenue), Billymark’s West, Holland Bar and Rudy’s.  It’s interesting to note that four of those six are located on Manhattan’s west side along 9th Avenue (Chelsea or Hell’s Kitchen).  Some of them may have some timesharing aspects to them now, but I think those are the last of the remaining borderline scary dive bars in Manhattan.

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