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After learning that the 508 Restaurant & Bar at 508 Greenwich Street in west Soho had recently started brewing its own beer, I figured it was time to pay a visit.  The location, just south of Greenwich and Spring, is nearby a lively nightlife block including spots such as Sway, Ear Inn, Don Hill’s and The Anchor.


The layout is more restaurant than bar with tables for parties of two and four opposite a 12-seat bar on the right.  There is additional restaurant seating in the back half of the space, which includes a large hightop table for parties of 10 or more.  The beer brewing occurs in the basement.

Their website indicates nine different beers brewed on the premises.  When my girlfriend and I were there, however, seven were available and only four were available on draught.  I tried the I.P.A, the Dark Brown Ale and the Coffee Porter.  My girlfriend had the Citra Common and the Hefeweisen.  All were solid and to paraphrase someone close to me, you “could taste the handcraftedness in the beer”  I look forward to a return trip when I can try the rest of the beers that I did not have time for.  The food menu, which we did not try, was very eclectic.  A mix of small plates (including ceviche, truffle mac and cheese and fried artichokes), pastas and a few entrees enticed us for a return trip.

Coffee Porter

The staff was very friendly and attentive and we got to meet the brewmaster toward the end of our visit.  I can’t wait to return to taste the beer and have some food.  I recommend this place to anyone who wants to try some good beer and food.  Earlier this month, when I reviewed La Birreria, I wrote that La Birreria was one of two spots to brew its own beer.  Well, I stand corrected, there are now three spots in Manhattan that brew their own beer.  We definitely have the makings of a brewpub NYC bar crawl.

Have you been to 508 Restaurant and bar yet?  Please share your thoughts on the place or my commentary here.

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  1. I recently returned to try the food. Both the small plates and the pasta were fantastic! I also got to try the Red Ale, which was not available during my first visit. Very tasty. Definitely worth another trip!

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