Harlem Brewing Company to construct a brewery in Harlem

The following article is from http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/manhattan/harlem_hops_on_brewery_Df9109mOEyFHqIodP7QlRM, written by Sally Goldenberg.

An economic renaissance is brewing on Harlem’s 125th Street.

Mayor Bloomberg yesterday announced deals to redevelop two long-neglected sites on the commercial corridor, including a $100 million project that will include a new brewery, tap room and brewing museum.

The Harlem Brewing Company, which now brews its Sugar Hill Golden Ale upstate, will build a new brewery at the site of the old Taystee Cake bakery. And the company will turn its roof into a hops farm, where it will grow the essential ingredient for ale and beer.

In a separate project on 125th Street, city officials announced a deal yesterday to redevelop the landmarked Corn Exchange building at the corner of Park Avenue. Developers will restore the base of the building and build six additional stories for office space.

The two projects are expected to create 1,100 construction and permanent jobs.

My comments:

A large brewery to be built in Manhattan!  This is great news and I am very excited.  Including Manhattan’s two brewpubs (Chelsea Brewing Company at Chelsea Piers and Birreria), I see a brewery NYC bar crawl on the horizon!

What do you think about this forthcoming addition to the NYC brewery scene?  Please share your thoughts here.

One thought on “Harlem Brewing Company to construct a brewery in Harlem

  1. Wow! This seems like a great idea to create manufacturing jobs in an economy dominated by services. What is the state of beer manufacturing in NYC these days relative to what is was in the 19th century? Do you think New York can reclaim its rightful place as a center for manufacturing craft brew? It seems like the west coast is gonna dominate American beer manufacturing for a long time. Colorado, California, Washington state, etc. Seems like NY has a long way to go before it even gets close…

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