Carbonation at last!  Well, at least when we serve the beer at Scott’s place.  Upon completion of brewing another batch of IPA the other night, we decided to taste a batch of beer from mid-May.  At the suggestion of a friend of Scott’s, we tried carbonating the liquid using Scott’s seltzer machine (readers will recall our findings from the prior tasting).  We filled up the machine-specific bottle (typically reserved for water), placed it in the machine, ran the carbonating process a couple of times and, finally, we had honest-to-goodness, carbonated beer.

Carbonated homebrew!

Longer term, we will still need to figure out the how-to-carbonate issue because Scott and I would like to serve the homebrew beyond the comfort of Scott’s place.  We will attempt to bottle the beer and place bottling sugar in each beer bottle.  Then, allow the full beer bottles sit for few weeks so that they can carbonate properly.  Hopefully, that will fix the issue for good.

Straining the recently-brewed wort into the aging vessel

What are your thoughts on this?  Do you have any other suggestions for carbonating homebrews?  I look forward to hearing from you!

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