’s foray into Home brewing (part 2)

I am happy to report that since our first attempt at brewing beer, my friend Scott and I have had two more Sunday afternoons brewing beer.  During these subsequent tries, we have made a Porter and an India Pale Ale (IPA).  However, because aging takes at least two weeks with these ales, we have not been able to taste any of our beers yet.

Until this week.

Because our first batch (the Brown Ale) was brewed on May 8, Scott and I will be hosting a small tasting party for it later this week.  I am so excited about this.  I have all these questions I can’t wait to get answered.

What is our concoction going to taste like?  What does the beer smell like?  Did the liquid properly ferment?  Did all the yeast go to the bottom of the container?  Did air get into the aging vessel?  Did natural light have any adverse impact on the fermenting liquid?  Were there any effects from possible improper sanitization of equipment?  In the end, did Scott and I successfully make beer?

I will have all these questions answered very soon.  Check back on Friday morning for a detailed description of the tasting.

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