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I got to check out the Murray Hill Bar Golf event on Saturday, 4/16. Since I have not done many other bar golf events, I can’t say how similar or different Murray Hill’s bar golf is from other such events. For me, I found it to be a slightly different take on your typical pub crawl in NYC. The event runs weekly every Saturday from 6pm until 10pm (though I got a late start at around 8:45pm, playing only three holes). The event consists of nine holes: three separate visits to three venues: Joshua Tree, Bar XII and Mercury Bar. The three bars are very close together, all located within half a block of the intersection of 34th Street and 3rd Avenue on Manhattan’s east side. Scoring is as follows: Bogeys generally consist of non-alcoholic drinks; Par is typically one beer; Birdies and Eagles are typically beer/shot or another type of drink combo equaling two units of alcohol. I am not aware if the scoring system will change weekly or at all.

This event could be a lot of fun with a group of people who like to consume different types of alcohol over a relatively short time period. If you plan to participate for most or all of the four hour time period, I highly suggest eating something substantial beforehand. The highest scorer is awarded $500 the last Saturday of each month. Though it is unclear if this award is given to the highest scorer that day or for the entire month. As the weather gets warmer, this will be a fun event to get your friends out, explore some of Murray Hill and make new friends!

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  1. This was definitely a good time. Now that the weather is getting nice in NYC (finally!), this is a great chance to check out Bar Golf one of these Saturdays.

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