A review of The Rochard on Manhattan’s Upper East Side

Located at 1504 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan’s (Upper) Upper East Side, The Rochard is a solid beer bar from the same owners as The Jeffrey a few miles to the south and east.  During our visit, there were around 20 quality tap beers available, along with wine (no hard liquor).  Overall, we found The Rochard a great addition to the immediate area because we do not know of any other beer bars that are nearby this location.  Definitely stop in here on your next NYC pub crawl through the neighborhood.

The Rochard

A review of Charc Bar on Manhattan’s Upper East Side

Located at 318 East 84th Street, Charc Bar is a wine and charcuterie bar located on a tranquil block in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  If you want to enjoy a quiet drink or three, this is the spot for you!  Long and rather narrow, Charc Bar focuses on wine and the perfect type of food to go with that wine.  There’s also a small selection of bottled/canned beers and a limited full bar to complement the wine.

Charc Bar